Social Responsibility

Doing what's right for people and the planet

Our associates come together to create a culture of service by generously donating hundreds of hours of their time to nonprofits every year. Our efforts are driven by our Helping Hands Committees, who are dedicated to creating meaningful change in our communities.

Through our long-standing partnership with Feeding America, we donate products each year to aid in the fight to end hunger in the United States.

We work closely with nonprofits such as Philabundance, Long Island Cares, Sierra Roots and Habitat for Humanity.

We offer the opportunity to donate to Feeding America, American Cancer Society, Farmer Veteran Coalition, United Way, Vitamin Angels, UNFI Associate Relief Fund and our UNFI Foundation.

This Fund was established to assist associates in times of financial hardships to ensure that they are able to meet their basic needs when unavoidable emergency situations make it difficult to do so. The Associate Relief Fund is supported by donations from associates.

The UNFI Foundation awards grants to nonprofits that support organic food systems. Our grantees focus on organic food production, providing research and science to develop organic farming, protecting our seed supply, developing new organic farmers and more.